Our Story

Our Science Fiction and Fantasy bookstore was established in 2004. Our primary venues are the Arisia convention held in Boston, Massachusetts in January during Martin Luther King weekend, the Boskone Science Fiction convention held in Boston, Massachusetts in February during President's weekend, and ReaderCon in Quincy, Massachusetts in July. All three are annual events. Since our primary focus is signed books, we make an effort to attend conventions where authors are willing to sign books in our inventory. We try to attend other local conventions in New York and New England when time permits.

The Owners

Gary Kushner


Gary is the elder of the two and keeps track of the bookstore's massive stock both physically and online. He makes sure all of the books are kept alphabetically in a safe and clean environment.

Peter Kushner


Peter assists Gary in keeping track of the many spreadsheets used to store the books online. He is also the spatial mastermind behind their extraordinary convention booth set-ups.